Got Class?

This has been quietly available on my site for a short while, but now it’s official.  I am teaching an online writing workshop.

This is a seven-week workshop limited to 6 students.  As my inaugural class, I am particularly committed to making this a great experience for you.  Register or learn more on my classes page.

Like most writers, my harshest critic is myself (new blog post on that soon) and so, I present my critic’s questions and my answers.

Critic: Why should I take a class from you when there are so many other people or places I could take classes from?

Me: There are lots of writing classes out there.  I’ve taken several, with many a number of different teachers, and I recommend them highly.  There are others still that I would love to take, since writing is an ongoing process of learning. But every writer approaches their writing differently, and therefore every writing teacher brings different things to the learning.  So yes, you can take classes from many other places, but I believe you will still get something out of mine.

Critic: Why should I take a workshop class when all I need is a critique?

Me: You’re more than welcome to a critique if that’s all you want. I offer those too, and writers who have had their work critiqued by me recommend me highly. But you will get a lot more out of workshop where your work critiqued by me, by other students, and then discussed.  More importantly, you will learn a lot more about your own writing by critiquing others–it’s so much easier to see and learn about the writing issues by having some critical distance from the work.

Critic: Why online? Can’t you just post stuff on your blog?

Me: I can, and do, post stuff on my blog, and will keep doing that.  But the big value of a class is in the class discussion.  That’s where the magic happens. Besides, online classes can be great because they are flexible–you can shift things around and make them work for you.

In the future, I will offer in-person classes from my home in Toronto.  I’d love to do them now, but parts of my home are a construction zone, and that doesn’t make for a good class environment.

Critic: Who has time for this?

Me: It’s so easy not to write. There are so many legitimate distractions, so many things that you should be doing, so many demands from life.  But I believe, that for any writer, writing is your something better to do.  Likewise, I’ve found there is nothing more energizing to my writing than talking about it with other writers, and nothing spurs on productivity like a deadline.  And with the online format, you have better control over how to divide your time.  It’s not easy, I know, but I encourage you to make time for your writing–and hope that my class will help you do that.

Have more questions for me about the class? Please comment below–I’ll answer.

Not planning to take this class, but love the idea?  It’s good karma to share this post with others.


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