Manuscript Evaluations

One of the hardest things about writing is that it is very easy to become lost in your own words.  As a writer, you cannot sit at every reader’s side and explain to them what you meant to say and how you meant it to be taken. Your writing must say it all.

Maybe you know the story you want to tell, the characters who are telling it, the place it is told in so well that it’s difficult to know what is coming through in the writing.  Or maybe, you don’t know them well enough, and in reading them on the page, you are so busy looking for what’s missing that you don’t see what’s there.  Maybe you know something isn’t working but cannot see what it is.  Maybe you think the story is terrible and awful and need someone to show you that actually, you have some good bits that are working well.

I can help.  I offer manuscript evaluations to help you see what is shining in your story and what needs more polish.

You can find some nice things people have said about working with me here.

Here’s what you will get:

  • A written critique of your manuscript, offering both positive and negative feedback on the overall work, which may include notes on characterization, pacing, structure and writing style, and suggestions for revising the work.
  • A line edit that with notes on specific areas of the manuscript that either work well or could work better.
  • Answers to up to 3 questions about the manuscript.

Here’s what you will NOT get:

  • Corrections to grammar and spelling.  While I may point out a few things, this is not a copyediting service.
  • Guaranteed publication. Publication depends on a number of things, including craftsmanship, luck, taste and timing. I can help you with one of those.

Please contact me about timing and rates.  Provide a word count so that I can estimate the time I will need.  If I am unable to help you due to my schedule, I will let you know right away.


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