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  • Moving

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  • Writer Therapy: Rainbow Sparkles and Unicorn Fairies

    Writer Therapy: Rainbow Sparkles and Unicorn Fairies

    A writer has lost that loving feeling.

  • Coming soon: Writer Therapy

    Coming soon: Writer Therapy

    It’s Dear Abby, but for writers.

  • Pandemic: February

    It’s been almost a year. You remember all the plans you had at the beginning for getting through what you were told was going to be a few weeks, and also how all those plans had to be cancelled and how the weeks stretched into months. It got harder, and then it got easier. Then…

  • Pandemic: May

    I wonder when going to a restaurant is going to feel normal again. It was such a nothing thing before, to pop into a place and grab a bite. Now it feels momentous. We had talked about travelling more with the baby, getting on a plane sooner than we had with our preschooler. I’d never…

  • Pandemic: April

    The smell of bleach is comforting. Early in the pandemic, I left the fancy Lysol sprays to the hoarders and started mixing my own 10% bleach solution in a spray bottle. Used it extensively at first, then not much, now again. Like hot sauce, I use that shit on everything. Every day is a long…

  • Writing? Writing?!?!

    Welcome to the pandemic, where half of my social media feed consists of people extolling the virtues of staying in and working on new projects (didja know Shakespeare wrote King Lear while quarantined?) and the other half of my feed have young children. I apparently have an introvert-heavy feed, as no one gives a shit…

  • The Year of the Habit

    Judging by the articles popping up lately, the latest thing is about forming habits. We’re over mindfulness, we’ve decluttered everything, we’re resilient as fuck. Now we need habits. (Good ones. Bad ones are easy.) I’ve never been good at habit. I start almost all of my writing classes by proudly announcing that I do not write every…

  • Writing Forgives You

    Many years ago, I wrote a love letter to Writing. I dug it up recently, and it’s so terribly maudlin that I refuse to share it lest I destroy my cool image. (Uh, Sonal? You are not cool.) (Shh! Don’t destroy my fantasy!) But the takeaway is that as lovers go, Writing is a master…

  • Somebody I used to know

    Somebody I used to know

    (Is that Gotye song stuck in your head now? It’s stuck in mine.) Now that I have a newborn, I figure it’s the perfect time to take on a massive and long overdue declutter of the house. (Read: It’s not the perfect time.) But I watched that Marie Kondo show on Netflix while rocking a…

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